Ennio Orsini

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Ennio Orsini

Expert in Dermopigmentation

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Ennio Orsini is certainly one of the most famous experts in dermopigmentation in Italy and in the world.

He frequently appears as correspondent in many tv programs, in foreign broadcasts too. His facebook page is supported by more than 25.000 fans.
He teaches makeup and micropigmentation in some private and state schools.
He is a tecnic consultant and developer for important tattooing equipment manufacturers.
He is CEO in “ORSINI&BELFATTO”, a company that sells products and equipments for the micropigmentation.
He is the inventor of the Tricopigmentazione®. He conceived an innovative technique for the realization of the male eyebrow and realistic female eyebrow.
He was 4 times competition judge ( as italian representative) in World Championships Permanent Makeup. He cooperates in italian courts as indipendent expert in legal disputes about dermopigmentation and permanent makeup. The region Abruzzo and the L’Aquila province rewarded him as “young talent”.
He is a speaker in important congress about cosmetic surgery and aesthetic, organized by italian and european association (IDI – “Immacolata” Dermopatico Institute; ATEC – Association in corrective cosmetic makeup; ISHR Italian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and care; and ANAA National Association of Alopecia Areata).
He was relator in more than 30 international conferences.
1000 copies of his book above eyebrow tattooing were send in less than one year.
He has recently published his third book, that is a didattic manual above Tricopigmentazione, the first and the unique work about this wonderful topic.
He published more than 120 articles on scientific european journals and magazines.
He is President of AIDER (Dermopigmentation Italian Association).
Now he is working for a computerized device for the world tattooing planning.