Mart Reker (Presenter)

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Mart Reker

Presenter of the conference.

Mart was born in the spring of 1978 in Eindhoven, a town in the south of Holland. His parents noticed his artistic abilities at a very young age and supported him in developing his creativity. Although he pursued an education in Building Engineering, he continued to develop his skills in drawing, painting and architecture.

During his first year of studies he discovered the world of make-up. He started promoting and selling several brands, and giving make-up lessons to beauticians and hairdressers. He had found the perfect outlet for his creativity, and loved the freedom and opportunities that it gave him. He started working for several theater and dance groups, making him an expert in applying extravagant make-up that also had to resist challenges such as heat and sweat.

After finishing his studies and working for several years in project development, he came back to fulfill his passion – hair and make-up. He started working as a full-time hair and make-up artist in 2004, after attending House of Orange in Amsterdam, as well as intensive hair training courses at the Hair School. His versatility as a make-up artist comes from many years of experience and a wide range of commercial, editorial and creative work. From natural, glowing or matte skin, to a flawless smokey eye, perfect lips or even Galliano-inspired make-up, he takes pleasure in satisfying clients and individual persons by enforcing their inner and outer beauty.

After 18 years of experience in make-up and 10 years in hair, he has spread his wings and established himself globally. He still works throughout Europe but somehow he challenged himself to extend his horizon and use his skills for an extensive range of clients with eyebrow and pigmentation problems. Therefore he specialized himself in Cosmetic pigmentation via ECURI and founded his company THE CLINIC, beauty by Mart Reker in Amsterdam begin 2012.

THE CLINIC, in Amsterdam resulted finally in a team of specialists in where his passion for eyebrows, cosmetic pigmentations, MHP, advanced beauty treatments skin therapy, injectables and small cosmetic surgery all comes together and enforces each other.