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Matthew Lulo

Matthew Iulo, Senior Scalp Pigmentation Specialist, President of HeadStrong NY


Matthew Iulo is a Senior Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist based in New York City.  He is the Owner and Lead Specialist at HeadStrong NY, a boutique SMP service in New York.   

Matt began his journey nearly 6 years ago after receiving the treatment himself.  After extensive training, Matt was instrumental in introducing the innovative hair loss procedure to the United States.  Matthew was one of the first American practitioners and consultants and since has gone on to treat well over 2,500 men and women throughout the country.

During his time in the industry Matthew has also helped train and educate many new practitioners in the field.  His training concentrates on developing consistent, high-quality results to ensure that scalp micropigmentation continues to improve and grow.

Matt takes a special pride in his scar camouflage work, and has helped thousands of men conceal the appearance of former surgery scars.

Matthew Iulo is a member of the “Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals” and “The American Academy of Micropigmentation”.

When he is not treating clients at HeadStrong NY, he likes to travel and also take time for fitness and sports.



-Vice President, Marketing & Sales

-Lead Practitioner/Consultant



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