Olga van Putten

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Olga van Putten

MD and researcher in health sciences

Olga van Putten, MD and researcher in health sciences (economics and law)

Medical activities

  1. Performing hairtransplant procedures since 1985 , thereby the MD with the longest experience in this field in the Netherlands. The practice is established in 1976; thereby the longest-existing clinic in the Netherlands. Since 1996 owner of the practice. Due to the thousands of procedures experience of the huge variety in the quality of hairs and skin. Due to both this high level of experience and to the long term follow-up of the patients there is a great knowledge of the results, the possibilities and also the limitations of hair transplantations. Looking for additional results drew my attention to scalp pigmentation/permanent make-up.
  2. Medical supervisor in the field of hair transplantation
  3. Consultant for medical and organizational issues in (new) hair transplant practices.
  4. Working as a hyperbaric doctor in a center for treatment of chronic wounds due to diabetes, or radiation damage.
  5. Consultant in a center for vascular surgery for 4 years.

Research activities:

Working at the Erasmus MC / Erasmus University Rotterdam, and at Technical University Delft.
This resulted in various publications in national and international, peer-reviewed scientific journals.