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Matthew Iulo

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Matthew Iulo, Senior Scalp Pigmentation Specialist, President of HeadStrong NY   Matthew Iulo is a Senior Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist based in New York City.  He is the Owner and Lead Specialist at HeadStrong NY, a boutique SMP service in New York.    Matt began his journey nearly 6 years ago after receiving the treatment himself.  After […]

Mart Reker (Presenter)

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Mart was born in the spring of 1978 in Eindhoven, a town in the south of Holland. His parents noticed his artistic abilities at a very young age and supported him in developing his creativity. Although he pursued an education in Building Engineering, he continued to develop his skills in drawing, painting and architecture. During […]

Alec Kurucz

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Alec Kurucz is involved in the micropigmentation industry since 1984. He started with a bamboo and a sewing needle. Alec is an expert in removing misplaced micropigmentation and has developed several needle techniques for removal. At the moment the regrow of own natural hair, using PMU techniques, is his great passion.

Olga van Putten

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Olga van Putten, MD and researcher in health sciences (economics and law) Medical activities Performing hairtransplant procedures since 1985 , thereby the MD with the longest experience in this field in the Netherlands. The practice is established in 1976; thereby the longest-existing clinic in the Netherlands. Since 1996 owner of the practice. Due to the […]

Ennio Orsini

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View his video biography Ennio Orsini is certainly one of the most famous experts in dermopigmentation in Italy and in the world. He frequently appears as correspondent in many tv programs, in foreign broadcasts too. His facebook page is supported by more than 25.000 fans. He teaches makeup and micropigmentation in some private and state […]